Debt Negotiation

You Have More Options Than You Realize.

What is Debt Negotiation?

Not all debt was created equal. Many creditors would rather work out a solution with you than see you enter bankruptcy or engaging in collections, even if it means reducing your debt payments to what you can actually afford.

Why Choose To Negotiate Debt?

Many consumers don’t realize they have options other than bankruptcy when they are overwhelmed by their debts. While creditors would prefer you to pay your debts in full, they’re often willing to offer deferments, negotiate new terms, or even to rehabilitate a loan in default if they think it’s their best option.

Negotiation is often the only way to avoid default or bankruptcy, and their painful and long-lasting consequences.

We’re ready to help!

Debt negotiation isn’t for everyone, but the Coeur d’Alene Bankruptcy and Tax Relief Center is here to help you. We can sift through your debts and help you regain control by negotiating with your creditors to find the best deal for you.

Call us to set up an appointment for your free consultation. Each case is different, and so the consultation is your time to tell us your story, and our time to give you specific guidance as to how we can help in your situation. Don’t let debt keep you down; get a handle on it by giving us a call today.

Jonathon Frantz

Jonathon Frantz

Debt Negotiation

You have more options than you realize. Set up your free consultation to talk to me about debt negotiation today.

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